Binance Lists BNB/FUN pairing

We are thrilled to announce that Binance has added a new FUNToken trading pair to their platform. The new pair is between the FUNToken, and the native Binance token – $BNB. This pair comes along with two other trading pairs available on April 22nd at 10 AM UTC.

Head over to Binance and trade $FUN against $BNB, $ETH, and $USDT.Another great info is that as of April 21st, traders on Binance will be able to purchase FUNToken using fiat coins AUD, BRL, EUR, GBP, NZD, RUB, TRY, and UAH. You can do it by registering your debit or credit card on the platform, and you’re free to trade.

Both announcements were published on Binance, and include info about more coins other than $FUN.

Here are the links to both:

FUN/BNB pair listing announcement ????

FUN/Fiat listing announcement ????

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