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Category: Roadmap

Q4 2022

DECENTRALISED CASINO GAMES Decentralised casino games with staking pools and game play on-chain will be launched DECENTRALISED POKER Decentralised poker…

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Q3 2022

LAY STAKING Lay staking to be introduced to dPlay enabling players to take the house side of the bets. PEER-TO-PEER…

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Q2 2022

XFUN NFTS XFUN will introduce NFTs as prizes and accomplishments on its gaming platforms WALLET AND CASHIER API 3rd party…

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Q1 2022

XFUN GOES LIVE XFUN will start being used in production XFUN/FUN BRIDGE A bridge providing seamless movement between FUN and…

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SOCIAL GAMES SUCH AS MAHJONG, BIG TWO The ecosystem will extend to include peer-to-peer multiplayer social games catering for regional…

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PRESENCE AND MARKETING FOR FUNTOKEN.IO will release a new website containing more detail on the goals and future direction.…

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