Invest in Crypto by Applying the Latest DCA Trend

Everyone involved in crypto trading knows about the four main stages of the market — accumulation, markup, distribution, and the markdown phase. They all point out where the market is and where it is headed.

Based on these stages, investors know when it is best to invest in the market. By all pointers, it is best to do it when the market is at its lowest, and there’s nowhere else to go but up. However, this is easier said than done because no one guarantees whether the market will continue to be bear or go bullish.

The stages keep changing, and no one knows how long they’ll last. Right now, the market is in its accumulation phase, which is by far the best one for investing. Not only in crypto, but all economic rules say that investing when the market is at its lowest point is the smartest. It may take a while, but it will recover, and the value will eventually rise, making the investors profitable.

Some investors take one of the latest crypto investment trends to avoid high risk, the DCA. DCA stands for Dollar-Cost Averaging and is an interesting idea of investing your money into a digital currency of your choice but always remember the risks.


What Exactly is DCA, and why is it Great?

Dollar-Cost Averaging is an interesting idea that is working. The point is to set a limited budget every week, month, or any set period, and regardless of where the market is, you’re investing that money in a particular digital coin.

When the market is bearish, it is the right moment to invest, but it is very difficult to nail the bottom. Using the DCA technique, you will invest relatively small amounts over a larger period. The calculations show that you will earn more in the long run than waiting for the right time to invest the full amount at once.

Let’s say that you want to buy one Bitcoin. You can reach your goal by investing $20,000 and buying one Bitcoin or by buying small chunks over some time. x For example, you can put $500 weekly into Bitcoin, regardless of its price, until you reach the desired amount. This way, you will be sure to pay the average price during the period.

Because of this understanding and many investors who decided to use the DCA method, many crypto exchanges now offer tailored DCA plans to their savvy users. FUN Token is one of those who have this kind of project starting this November.

What is the FUN Token DCA Plan?

The Auto-Invest campaign from FUN Token is a DCA project that allows FUN Token fans to make a long-term investment in the digital token easily.

The project is happening on Binance. The centralized exchange giant is innovating one more time and leading the way to DCA with its auto-invest feature. FUNToken is only one of the 64 cryptos selected by the exchange, showing the strong ties and mutual trust between both parties again.

And there is more! From November 7th, Binance users will have the chance to learn about DCA, answer a quiz, and get rewarded with free FUN tokens. This is the first phase of the DCA plan.

Investing starts December 4th, when the first payment will happen. The payments will happen monthly, with the last due on April 4th. During a total of five months, all participants will decide how much they’ll invest in the longer term. Follow this link to join this campaign.


FUN Token’s Future and Expectations

Although the market has been bearish for some time, the FUN Token team hasn’t stopped working on the planned roadmap. In the year behind, the team worked hard, delivered most items announced, and more.

Starting with only the FUN Token and dPlay Casino as assets in 2021, the team grew the company with a new XFUN token hosted on a different chain, Polygon. Then the launch of the XFUN Wallet happened. Next on the list was the XFUN Arcade portal and the latest XFUN Casino. The company is also cooperating with Pax.World metaverse and XFUN-powered decentralized peer-to-peer betting platform are in the final stage of its development.

In the future, more gaming and betting content, online and on-chain, will be supporting XFUN tokens. In other words, the heavy investment that the company has made in the past and the success of the projects published promise a bright future for FUN Token.

About FUNToken

With over 300,000 users and counting, FUNToken is the leading iGaming token globally. Based on the Ethereum and Polygon blockchains, it was created as a fast, transparent, and genuinely fair transactional solution for iGaming ecosystems and players.

Supported by a strong development team and helmed by CEO Adriaan Brink, FUNToken’s objective is simple: harnessing the power of blockchain tech to create trustless ecosystems that users can rely on and operators can implement seamlessly.

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