Q3 2022 Recap: It’s taking shape!

The world is bracing for a potential global recession, and markets, financials, and crypto, remain highly volatile and searching for a bottom. Meanwhile, at FUNToken, the spirit is up, the pace is high, and the direction is only onward and upward.

Time flies, and summer (at least for the northern hemisphere) is already over. With yet another quarter behind us, it’s the perfect time to reflect on the progress made across FUNToken and how its ecosystem is shaping its journey to become the Web3 solution for the gaming industry.

Content, it’s all about content…

We’ve all heard that many times, and at FUNToken, we believe it’s true. Therefore, we have the vocation to provide access to our community to the best of what gaming and betting have to offer, today and tomorrow, online and on-chain.

More types of games

Since August, the launch of XFUN Arcade has allowed us to tap into the fast-growing casual and social gaming segments, offering FUNToken holders the opportunity to showcase their gaming skills and compete with their friends and the rest of the community. The App is currently under testing and will soon elevate players’ experience and accelerate its propagation.

Better games

Some prestigious game providers have joined our network to enrich the content supported by FUN and XFUN tokens. Our latest additions include award-winning providers such as Spinomenal and Pragmatic Play. We also implemented uBTC in the dPlay casino, allowing all uBTC holders to enjoy iGaming without swapping currencies.

More entertaining promotions

Gaming tournaments are certainly a trend. In that competitive spirit, we have launched our very own tournament feature on our leading site, allowing users to race each other to the top of the leaderboard.



…and user experience!


Better looking

As we wrote this quarterly recap, a fresh look and improved UX are being rolled out for dPlay. Users can now browse in style our ever-expanding gaming content and offers.

More languages

The addition of the Spanish language to dPlay Casino is the first step we have taken towards localization. The FUNToken community is based across more than 200 countries, and we believe this is the experience our users deserve and the key to fast-forwarding our token adoption globally.


XFUN Casino

Our flagship casino is now live. Available in 4 languages from day 1, it is a testimony of the global reach of the FUNToken community and the promise that FUNToken is genuinely the world’s local Web3 gaming token.

Q4 is about to kick off!

With a bang! In Q4, launching our new XFUN-powered Peer-to-Peer Sportsbook will be a significant milestone for our ecosystem, adding an unparalleled breadth to our content.

Watch for a launch by the end of October.


Lay Staking

We have implemented a lay staking element to our Sportsbook, which will be released to the public this month. We are also developing lay staking functionality which we will roll out to Dplay Casino in due course.

The new XFUN Arcade

Developing a gaming platform connecting vintage gaming from the 80s with the latest gaming trends and our visionary Web3 ecosystem has been an exciting challenge. One thing that describes the FUN Token team is that we don’t see anything as impossible, so at the end of July, in cooperation with the Skill Gaming team, we created and launched the XFUN Arcade portal featuring dozens of action-packed games.

It has a seamless synchronization with the XFUN Wallet, and bets are in XFUN, allowing players to have total control over their funds and never play a game online again without monetizing their skills and efforts. Winning in battles earns 90% of the investment for players, making time spent playing profitable.

FUNky, the star of Web3 gaming 

FUNky, our friendly mascot, is about to get a new dimension as his story unfolds in a comic book we are about to reveal in the coming weeks.

Expect to hear more and hear more from FUNky as he spreads positive spirit across the FUNToken universe. Rumor says he has been cast as the lead character in a new online game from a top iGaming provider. Stay tuned.

Spoiler alert: FUNky will also star in our first NFT collection, to which we are putting the final varnish. FUNky, colorful, and eccentric NFTs can be expected.

Building the metaverse with pax.world

At FUNToken, we believe the metaverse will be a game changer at some point in the future. It is certainly a game we want to play. To enter this space, we have chosen the award-winning project pax.world. Their mission statement is to build experiences beyond reality, and this is exactly what we want for our community. We are currently preparing our first joint AMA in the metaverse to reveal what is in the pipeline.

The XFUN Wallet

At the core of our ecosystem, the XFUN Wallet keeps being enhanced. On top of cryptocurrencies, NFT can now be stored in our wallets. It facilitates the straightforward sign-up and login processes on our assets, allowing its users to access an expanding array of gaming and betting opportunities in a non-custodial fashion.

Education for mass adoption

As the XFUN ecosystem matures, we are preparing an educational campaign to show the world how easy it is to use. Crypto is disruptive by essence and involves new habits to be adopted. For ex, with our wallet, users can simply register on a gaming site by just scanning a QR code, instead of having to fill-up a lengthy form. One just has to try it to adopt it. In Q4, it will be all about education to onboard new users and boost our XFUN Wallet and token’s adoption.

Our quarterly token burn

For Q3, it happened on the first day of October. It simply highlights that FUNToken is recession-proof with an increase of 20.6% of token burned vs the previous quarter. This reflects the growing adoption of FUNToken and the popularity of the gaming content it provides access to.

We see this trend accelerating with the launch of our Sportsbook, the addition of more use cases for our token, and a highly entertaining and rewarding final quarter for our community.


About FUNToken

With over 300,000 users and counting, FUNToken is the leading iGaming token globally. Based on the Ethereum and Polygon blockchains, it was created as a fast, transparent, and genuinely fair transactional solution for iGaming ecosystems and players.


Supported by a robust development team and helmed by CEO Adriaan Brink, FUNToken’s objective is simple: harnessing the power of blockchain tech to create trustless ecosystems that users can rely on and operators can implement seamlessly.


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