Thank you for joining our Tournament!

Welcome to the Million FUN Token tournament.
Please keep this email as it has information on the tournaments and passwords.

If you have not already registered at Intertops please see this page for information on how to register or click here.

If you have already registered, simply login to the site and find the Million FUN Tokens Qualifier.

All the qualifier/satellite games are no limit Hold ’em with prizes of a 100 seats to the final and 25,000 FUN tokens distributed to the top eight qualifier finishers.  Everyone starts with 2000 chips except for on the final table where everyone starts with 5000.

Tournament details and passwords for the Million FUN Tokens Qualifier are below:
Date            Time (GMT)   Password
2021-06-22   17:10          TOKEN2112
2021-06-23   21:10          FUN993
2021-06-24     1:10          FREE765
2021-06-25     4:10          COIN434
2021-06-26   17:10          BIT3993
2021-06-27   21:10          FREE856
2021-06-28     1:10          FUN295
2021-06-29     4:10          TOKEN7689
2021-06-30    17:10         BIT2654
2021-07-01    21:10         FUN778
2021-07-02      1:10         COIN776
2021-07-03    17:10         FREE324
2021-07-04    13:00         FINAL TABLE by invitation only
Good luck!

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